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Self-Publishing Advice & Inspirations

Jan 31, 2024

Throughout this presentation, Joe Solari unravels the myriad advantages of a direct sales mindset for authors, in which you gain unprecedented control over your book's pricing and promotions, and enjoy an uptick in profits and personal connection. Discover the tools and strategies that can guide you in carving out your...

Jan 28, 2024

Today on the ALLi Campaigns Podcast: Collaboration. The Alliance of Independent Authors runs certain core campaigns on an ongoing basis, as well as supporting other campaigns that reach out to us. A campaign doesn’t always have to be "yours" to be able to help. Collaboration is everything in campaign work, so here are...

Jan 26, 2024

On the Self-Publishing News podcast with Dan Holloway: New research says special editions and direct engagement may be the answer to stagnating book prices.

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Jan 24, 2024

This month on the Reaching More Readers podcast, Dale and Holly introduce Amazon Ads, including the jargon you need to know, the free accredited courses you can take to build your knowledge, key steps for quick and easy setup, and how to try out an Amazon Ad campaign even if you have a small budget to play with.


Jan 21, 2024

My guest this episode is C. Ruth Taylor, an authorpreneur from Jamaica who is trying to create conditions to put the Caribbean on the map for self-publishing. The trick is to convince authors that the book itself is only the beginning of their storyteller journey.

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