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Self-Publishing Advice & Inspirations

Jun 9, 2023

In today's Beginners Self-Publishing Podcast: writing a series. Oscar Wilde, Emily Brontë, and Silvia Plath only wrote one book. History tells us it’s possible to “make it” with just one title, but is that still true today?

Generally, no. It can happen, but most modern authors need a series for a range of reasons.

In this episode, ALLi’s Product Marketing Manager Dan Parsons and Campaigns Manager Melissa Addey discuss why series help authors build a business. Plus, they outline the forms series can take and explore a range of tips authors can use to maximize the value of a series.

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Now, go write and publish!

About the Hosts

Dan Parsons writes the Creative Business series for authors, bestselling fantasy and horror novels (under Daniel Parsons), and a weekly blog for The Self-Publishing Formula. In the past, he has worked for three trad publishers, managed two bookstores and listened to an unhealthy number of podcasts. Now he's ALLi's product marketing manager.

Melissa Addey has a PhD in creative writing and writes historical fiction set in first-century Rome, eleventh-century Morocco and eighteenth-century China. She runs writing workshops covering both craft and entrepreneurship, most frequently for the British Library. She's also ALLi's campaigns manager, a role in which she loves observing and supporting the vast diversity of self-published authors. Visit her at her website and pick up a free novella.