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Self-Publishing Advice & Inspirations

Aug 18, 2017

Ep#64: Welcome to Ask ALLi, the Self-Publishing Advice Broadcast from the Alliance of Independent Authors. This is our monthly Beginners' Self-Publishing Salon, with advice, tips and tools for indie authors just starting out. And here are your regular hosts for the beginners’ salon: Jay Artale and Michael La Ronn.

The topics covered in this beginners' session includes:

  • Three steps to manuscript editing: Self-Editing, Beta Readers and Professional Editing
  • Definition of the different types of editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Copy/Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing Tools (like Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, Hemingway)
  • Editing Challenges
  • Working with a book editor
  • How to find a book editor
  • Using the ALLi Partner Member listing to find a vetted service you can trust to edit your book
  • How to get book editing discounts from our ALLi Partner Members

Our weekly Self-Publishing Advice broadcast is brought to you by ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors. This beginners salon is one of four regular shows, which include a more advanced salon, a member Q&A and a special guest highlight presentation from the Indie Author Fringe, ALLi’s free online author conference.

Find more author advice, tips and tools at our self-publishing advice center, And, if you haven’t already, we invite you to join our organization and become a self-publishing ally. You can do that at

Now, go write and publish.

About your show hosts:

Jay Artale is a project manager who swapped corporate life for a nomadic existence as a non-fiction writer. She's written and self-published a series of travel guides, travel writing books, and poetry collections. Jay is also one of the co-organizers of the Indie Author Fringe, an online conference for indie authors who self-publish. Connect with Jay on Twitter: @BirdsOAFPress

Michael La Ronn is the author of over 30 science fiction & fantasy novels and author self-help books. To date, he has published over 1.5 million words of fiction and nonfiction. Since publishing his first book in 2014, he has produced a prolific writing portfolio while raising a family and working a full-time job in the insurance industry. Connect with Michael on Twitter: @MichaelLaRonn