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Self-Publishing Advice & Inspirations

May 29, 2024

One of the most interesting pieces of data to come from the Big Indie Author Data Drop was that even when indie authors are very successful, they don't stop doing their own marketing. They use tools and assistance/assistants, but marketing remains their responsibility, always. Many of the emerging indie authors, or those not selling, said that marketing was the task they liked least. There’s an important mindset shift required to bridge the gap from reluctant or resentful marketing to marketing that is positive and proactive.

In this inspiring and mind-shifting session chaired by Melissa Addey, join Dawn Brookes, Mark Dawson, Karen Inglis, Rachel McLean, Alison Morton, Octavia Randolph, Marc Reklau, Brit Bensen, Mark Hayden, and Elizabeth Stevens all multiple bestselling authors who show what makes marketing a positive activity for them. If thinking 'marketing will be with you forever' horrifies you as an author, then you need these sessions!

This session is kindly sponsored by 1106 Design.

This is a post from SelfPubCon (The Self-Publishing Advice Conference), an online author event, run free twice-yearly, in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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